Wildwood NJ Boardwalk

Wildwood NJ Boardwalk

My experiences at the Boardwalk in Wildwood!

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Wildwood NJ Boardwalk Memories

The wildwood boardwalk is well known for the Tram car. The Tram car is constantly running and it goes the entire length of the boardwalk. The wildwood boardwalk is over 3 miles long with 90% of it having an entertainment venue with a few hotels here and there along it.

There are lines drawn on the boardwalk to show it's route and as you walk the boardwalk you will constantly hear, "Watch the Tram Car please, watch the Tram Car please" and you need to leave the lined areas. My parents (er, my mom), would push us in the stroller and say, "Watch the stroller please, watch the stroller please".

My mom and dad always tell me about the last ride of the night that we got and loved as we were growing up. Near the end of the night, my parents put us in the double stroller because we were too tired to walk anymore and they couldn't carry us. As we were leaving to get to our car, We'd go down the ramp to the leave the boardwalk really, really fast.

One time we had grandma with us. She had gone through alot stuff health wise and she couldn't do alot of walking at the time. We rented a wheelchair for her and going down the ramp to get back to the car she nearly fell out of the wheelchair when we hit a bump. Oooops! Sorry Grandma!

My mom, my dad, my sis and my aunt would go to the arcarde and play ski ball during the times they would give extra points. We won enough points during a few times we played that we were able to get a guitar for my sister and I. My sisters friend was with us and we got her one too. The three of us walked everywhere in Seapointe Village with those guitars and tried learning how to play them. Within a year, my mom and dad bought us a better guitar because they saw us learning how to play.