Wildwood NJ Boardwalk

Wildwood NJ Boardwalk

My experiences at the Boardwalk in Wildwood!

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Wildwood NJ Boardwalk

Wildwood NJ Boardwalk Rides

I will be telling you about the rides on the Wildwood NJ Boardwalk, Moreys Piers including the new Ghost Ship attraction.

Morey’s Pier’s are filled with lots of excitement! Between all the rides and the arcades, it’s an awesome place to spend the day. There are 3 different piers you can spend your time on. There are so many rides I enjoy, such as the three totally cool roller coasters. Two of the roller coasters are upside down and the other one is an awesome wooden roller coaster. My favorite rollercoaster out of all of them is called the Sea Serpent. This roller coaster is so much fun because it is an upside down one and it goes backwards. All the roller coasters are awesome here. I enjoy them every time I go and I keep riding them.

Ghost Ship
Morey’s Pier on the Wildwood NJ Boardwalk got a brand new attraction in 2010. It is called Ghost Ship. This attraction was meant to be very scary and let me tell you … it is! You walk through the old ship and actors who have on ripped clothes and scary makeup walk around scaring you. This made me feel like I was in a horror movie. Every corner I turned I felt like something was going to happen. At one point in this attraction an actor started to follow me and he was dragging a shovel around on the ground. When I turned around to see who it was I screamed. I was terrified. Being 15 years old and scared like this really shows something about this attraction. I was hiding behind my friend the whole time. This was an awesome experience for me and my friend. Sure we were scared but it was worth it. I would definitely spend more of my tickets to go on it again. This attraction may scare younger children under the age of ten.

Moby Dick
There is Moby Dick, which starts on the ground and spins you to the right and up and around in circles, then after a bunch of times would spin you around the other way. I would always go on this ride when I was younger because it was always so much fun.

The swings that are alot fun. When I would go on the swings I would close my eyes and pretend I was flying. If you are nervous, get a seat closer to the pole. It won't swing out as much.

Ferris Wheel
My favorite ride on the boardwalk when I was younger was the Ferris Wheel. I felt like a giant in the sky looking down on all the people. From high up in the sky all the people on the ground looked like ants. I will never get tired of the Ferris Wheel because it was my favorite ride as a kid. There are a lot more rides you can have fun on and enjoy a lot. So go out and explore Morey’s Pier!

Log Flume
This ride is a favorite of ours. Don’t go on unless you want to get wet because you can get drenched. You move slowly high off the ground and you get a view of the water and other boardwalk rides. Then of course the last drop comes and it’s a decent steepness for some fun and of course, the splash!! Duck or don’t duck – you get wet!

Sea Serpent
Like going upside down on a roller coaster? This rollercoaster does that! This is one of the most popular amongst teens and adults alike.

Wooden Rollercoaster
Rollercoasters are always fun if you like them. This one is a wooden rollercoaster so the rickety sound of the tracks makes it more interesting. No ride at the Wildwood boardwalk is going to be the best ever, but they are great rides.

Tilt-a-whirl is always a fun ride if you don’t mind spinning – if you don’t get sick or get a headache. We don’t so we always go on it. We’ve always twirled a lot and it was always fun. BUT there was one time, we twirled so much – we didn’t stop twirling for a second. We could never duplicate that ride although we keep going and trying.

Rip Tide
If you have been to any carnival or fair around the United States then there is a good chance that you have ridden a ride extremely similar to this one. Riptide is new a take on a classic Viking ship ride, where you sit in a boat shaped ride and swing back and forth, all the while increasing speed and reaching new heights.

This ride is not for the faint of heart. Maelstrom looks innocent enough, but it will in in fact spin you to the point of dizziness and then, if spinning wasn’t enough, it will proceed to take you upside down. This thrill ride is sure to have you screaming from excitement, just be sure not to ride directly after eating or it may have you screaming from a stomach ache.

Musik Express
The Musik Express has always been one of my favorites. It’s an exciting, high speed thrill ride that is reminiscent of a rollercoaster that is stuck on a circular track. Expect to hear loud, DJ style music while traveling backwards and forwards at what can only be described as an intense speed.

Of course, no carnival, Amusements Park, or boardwalk would be complete without at least one classic Carousel. Well, lucky for all of those carousel enthusiasts out there, Morey’s Piers doesn’t just have one, they have two beautiful, hand painted Venetian carousels.

This ride is definitely not recommended for those with a fear of heights or falling. You will be strapped in and then lifted 140 feet off of the ground and then dropped almost immediately, facing a free fall that reaches 50 MPH. During this free fall you be bombarded with music, sound effects, fog, and LED lighting effects that are sure to take your senses for a ride.

Dantes Dungeon
So this ride is bittersweet for me. Though it says it isn’t recommended for children under the age of 12, I faced this ride when I was 16, and if I’m being honest I cried like a baby. First off, you are strapped in to a cart and there is no way out. Then you are taken into a very slow moving haunted house, where horrible monsters and disturbing scenes will surprise you around every corner. If you are easily scared or have a problem with loud sounds and disturbing images, then I recommend avoiding this one.

Waltzer is a Victorian take on a classic Tilt-a-whirl. It has all the same fun and dizzying features you love, just presented in a new unique style! I personally like this version better then the original, simply because it looks very pretty with its seashell shaped cars. I’ve also found that the lines tend to be shorter for this ride, since most people don’t realize that it is just as good as the original!

Tea Cups
Who doesn’t love the classic spinning teacup ride? Of course the boardwalk sports this classic ride loved by all, child and adult alike. It’s always fun to ride with friends and family, spinning as quickly or as slowly as you would like. I like to sit across from a friend, spinning as quickly as possible, and then throwing my head back to stare at the ceiling. Best way to get dizzy in a fun way!

Rollies Coaster
Rolllies Coaster is Morey’s take on the classic wild mouse ride. It has the same quick snaps and turns that are sure to keep the rider on their toes. This ride has just as much thrill as a roller coaster, mainly because it is fast, has unexpected twists and turns, and definitely has some steep drops.

If you are afraid of heights or free falling in any way, shape, or form, I would suggest avoiding this ride like the plague. However, if you are yearning for a serious thrill and the experience of flying and the feeling of wind rushing through your hair, this ride is for you! It’ll cost you a pretty penny, but if you are willing to pay, get ready to experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!

High Flyer
This has always been one of my favorite attractions on the boardwalk! Basically, you are harnessed onto two bungees and are placed on a trampoline where you can proceed to bounce to your hearts content. It’ll cost you seven tickets, but while on the trampoline you can jump, flip, and fly more then ten feet off of the ground. This ride gives you the opportunity to try out tricks that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise! It truly is a one of a kind experience.

The best way for me to describe this ride is by comparing it to the Tea Cups. It’s basically just a faster moving, off the ground version of the classic Tea Cup ride. Four people are strapped in, facing each other in a circle that surrounds a wheel that is used to spin the car. Just like on the Tea Cups, you can spin the car as quickly or as slowly as you would like, but just beware that this ride does move faster then the Tea Cups and therefore you may want to use caution or may become too dizzy for your liking!

Pink Elephants
This is a classic children’s ride that never looses its appeal. Though it is meant for kids, people of all ages can enjoy this whimsical ride on the back of an adorable pink elephant. This ride is perfect for kids to ride alone or with their parents. It is not a high intensity ride, but don’t worry parents, you’re sure to enjoy this ride, as it will make you feel like a kid again!

Kite Flyer
This ride has always been on of my absolute favorites. It’s basically an extremely low intensity version of the SkyCoaster, so it is perfect for people of all ages. You lie down on your stomach and enjoy a gentle flying experience, as the ride moves in a circle, slowly lifting and falling. It might sound a little bit lame, but I promise that once you are on it you will truly feel like you are flying!

Jack in the Box
This is definitely a kiddie ride, but a fun one at that! This is basically a low intensity version of AtmosFEAR. Perfect for children, but not recommended for adults, as there is only one seat available on this ride that is specifically made for an adult rider.

Kiddie Swings
When I was younger, this ride made me feel so cool! I thought that it was awesome that kids had a ride that was just for them and the fact that it was based off of an adult swing ride made it even more awesome. It is not a high intensity ride, but it will take your kids for a quick spin and leave them smiling. Just be prepare, they will want to get right back in line and ride again!

Kiddie Boats
This boat ride was probably one of my favorites when I was a kid. Each kid gets to sit in his or her own boat and ride around on a track in water. Each boat is equipped with a bell that you are free to ring as often as you wish! I felt like captain of my own ship while I was riding this ride!

Raging Waters Waterpark
Not everyone enjoys amusement parks, so for those of you that would rather get wet this summer, head over to Raging Waters Waterpark, which is located right next to the boardwalk! This park sports various waterpark rides including slights, a lazy river, an activity pool, and so much more!

River Adventure
Who doesn’t love a lazy river ride when visiting a waterpark? Well, this park has its very own take on this classic river ride which has geysers, a grotto, waterfalls, rock walls, and more! This river is definitely fun for the whole family as you can go through it as quickly or slowly as you would like, enjoying every fun filled moment!

Activity Pool
I was never a big fan of waterparks growing up, but as soon as I discovered the activity pool at Raging Waters, I changed my mind. This pool is filled with fun things for people of all ages to enjoy, including ropes and lily pads to play on. Nothing says a good time like that place that encourages you to act like a kid!

Speed Slides
If you’re looking for something just a little more thrilling, then you might try the Speed Slides. These 40ft high slides will rocket you through twists and turns until ultimately making a splash when you reach the pool at the bottom. Just remember, you will only be riding down this slide on a thin mat, so be sure to hold on tight and to lift up when you reach the bottom or you just might tip over!

Rocket Raft Run
Everyone loves a traditional tube slide, so of course Raging Waters has one of these crowd favorites! Rocket Raft Run is a long twisting open slide that allows riders to sit in single tubs as they slide down this moderate intensity slide which ends in a splash pool. Hold on tight though, because this ride moves much quicker then you might think!

Come back for more - I will be talking more about the individual rides!